Baby Toy or Dog Toy?

I’m always on the look-out for a sure-fire way to make major bucks.  And to me there’s nothing less taxing of the mind than developing a new hit gameshow.  Let’s face it, if it’s not Jeopardy, it’s probably a show created for and by morons.

So here’s my pitch.  A show called


The premise is self-explanatory.  Anyone who has both kids and dogs know that there’s a definite bleed-over — that cute stuffed animal you bought for your adorable infant ends up being Rover’s new snuggle buddy and that industrial strength chewing Kong that you’re supposed to fill with bacon grease to keep the dog busy becomes little Tyler’s favorite teething instrument.

And sometimes the lines are blurred right from the beginning and you can’t even remember what department of Target you’re browsing through.  So here’s a dry run of my brilliant gameshow idea.  See how well you do…  You have 3 seconds to determine each one…


Baby toy or dog toy?

It’s cute, it’s fuzzy, it’s colorful.  Little Gretchen would love to sleep with it in her crib.  Baby Toy!

BUZZ!  Wrong.   It’s a dog toy. Duh.  The Colossal Plush Dog Toy, retailing for $12.66 plus shipping and handling.   Come on, that was easy!  Why would any child want to sleep with an Octopus?   You know, like this one…

…which is a baby toy.  Obviously.   Okay, maybe that one was too hard.  You had no way of knowing that the first octopus was made entirely of hamburger.  So let’s try again…

Baby Toy or Dog Toy?

Well, this one is easy.  It is a dog.  There’s no way you’re giving a dog another dog to gnaw on.  So it’s clearly a baby toy.


WRONG.  Dog toy.  Apparently dogs love nothing more than chewing on smaller dogs in order to develop strong teeth and gums.  Who knew?

Alright, try again…

Baby Toy or Dog Toy?

Errr… um… See, this one is pretty hard.  Because, well, what are they?  Stuffed animal roadkill?  Something called “The Melti-pets?”  A rooster with scoliosis?   I’m gonna have to say… dog toy?

BING! That is correct.  They’re called “Bungee Doggie Toys”.  And they can stretch to over 18-24 inches!  Because there’s nothing more enjoyable than taking your dog to the vet after he’s ingested two feet of toxic elastic.

Now, here’s an easy one…

Baby Toy or Dog Toy?

Um… well it’s a ball.  Babies like balls.  And dogs don’t like — oh wait, yes they do.  Especially the dogs that no longer have their own balls.  Which I never understood.   Does that mean when a dog fetches it’s psychologically trying to “fetch” it’s own testicles?  Anyway, I’m gonna say… Dog Toy?

BUZZ!  Half-wrong!  This was a trick question.   The one on the left is called a Wobbly Wobbly.  And it’s a dog toy.  The one on the right is called a Nobbly Wobbly.  And it’s a baby toy.  Clearly.  Because it has the nucleus-looking thing in the center that helps teach children about physics.  Don’t be such a dumb-ass!

Oh, never mind.  This game is way too hard for daytime television.



4 Responses to Baby Toy or Dog Toy?

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  3. This is confusing because many baby toy manufactures also make dog toys. Munchkin makes Bamboo Pet toys, and Ty Beanie Babies, makes Ty Bow Wow Beanies. The list goes on and on.

  4. You just can’t help addoring the toys.

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