Spongy Playgrounds

May 19, 2010


I think it might be time I started a new category for my blog entries — “Back in my day…”

Last week I saw the documentary Babies.   You know, that one about the superhero in the metal suit.  No wait, that’s a different film.  This one, Babies, was about babies.  It was the Hot Tub Time Machine of documentaries.  Meaning, it’s all spelled out for you in the title. 4 babies, 4 parts of the world: Mongolia, Africa, Japan, San Francisco.

They cry, they coo, they spit up, they crawl, they poop, they steal your heart.

But what really struck me about the film are the behaviors of the (mostly-offscreen) parents.  The two babies growing up in the industrialized world (San Fran, Tokyo) looked like they were on their way to becoming… well… (how do I put this delicately?  After all, they’re just babies),,, wussies! Read the rest of this entry »